Image & images is where my marketing and photography skills meet!


I am a CIM qualified marketing professional and have worked at senior marketing management level within small businesses and a major plc. I have an extensive background in publishing, advertising, design, print and media.

I am trained in web design and specialise in Wordpress websites. I have created various websites and blogs with on-line marketing facilities. I have extensive experience and an in-depth knowledge of successfully using the internet as a marketing tool including social media channels, blogging platforms and fully utilising social media as a tool for marketing intelligence.


I graduated with a Diploma in Professional Photography from The Photography Institute a few years ago, turning a long time passion into a profession. Combining my marketing skills with my photography skills has enabled me to provide a full service to clients for their digital marketing and online presence.

Why Image & Images?

Using my long time marketing skills together with my commercial photography skills gives me a very good understanding of the expression ‘A picture says 1000 words’ however a GREAT picture does even better… When a client needs good photography to tell their story, I understand from a marketing perspective what this photograph needs to do. I can apply both my creative and marketing skills into the photograph.
I am able to offer a ‘one-stop’ package of great imagery, web design, social media and marketing skills to my clients. I have found that by offering this complete service my clients receive a good, cost-effective and efficient service.

Please contact me for a chat about how I could help with the
Image and/or the Images for your business